5 features to look for while buying a car.

Buying a car is no doubt very exciting. A car is an asset and also a prized possession. However, buying a car could be very challenging. Cars cost a lot of money, so the buyer needs to make every penny count by checking each important features that a car should have to make it’s price worthy.

The 5 important features which I personally would look in a car are:

1. First and foremost it would be the Comfortable seat belts– This is a basic feature to look for at first. A car drive with an uncomfortable seat belt can be a nightmare. This is applicable for both the driver and the passenger. A driver can not drive peacefully unless the seat belt is comfortable. Similarly for the other passengers availing the car will also feel the discomfort especially during longer drives.

2. Keyless Entry: A convenient feature that can make a huge difference in the quality of your car. There might be some situations during travelling or shopping when your hands could be preoccupied with bags or luggage or perhaps your kids or office files and supplies, where it is very irritating to try opening the door of the car. This is where Keyless Entries are convenient.

3. Air Conditioning or Automatic Climate Control: Things get even better and luxurious when your car has the feature of air conditioning or Automatic Climate control mechanism installed inside. All you need to do hence is to set the climate control system and it will automatically make required adjustments as per changing temperatures to keep the interior of the car comfortable for a drive.

4. Triple Turn Indicators and Fog lights: Want to make changing lanes much easier? This particular feature is very beneficial while changing lanes. Using this feature will evidently make changing lanes easy and swift. Fog lights are again very efficient during the foggy times to make your car’s existence alarmed while driving in the road during the foggy weather. This will keep you and your car safe and prevent any unwanted danger that is highly probable during a foggy day.

5. Air Bags: Safety is First: God forbid car drives may not end well sometimes. Your safety is important at those point of times. Airbags are thus the most crucial safety features and a must-have feature for your car. If not fully they can always keep the injury as minimum as possible.

These are the top 5 car features that I look for while buying a car. However, there are a few other features as well like Both side ORVMs, Power Windows, Rear-view Cameras, etc, which will help to make your car drive efficient, luxurious, safe, comfortable and functional.

Cars are and must be a possession which you can both display and have a good time inside. Each and every car drive in your car should be a memorable experience. Cars have to have all the features that make it both comfortable and functional at the same time. An inconvenient car drive can be boring, irritating, unsafe and uncomfortable.

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