Work from your cosy nook and get paid on the basis of your own merit and hard work. Finding a job with a reasonable salary is not an easy task. But there is indeed a new, fun and creative way to work at home and earn your living through lifestyle blogging. Lifestyle blogging is slowly emerging to be a big source of income for people who prefer a stay at home job.

What is lifestyle Blogging?

A lifestyle blog is a digital content which represents the everyday lifestyle, activities and interests of the author. Thus, a lifestyle blogger is a person who creates digital content being inspired and curated by their personal living, thinking, interest and daily activities.

Topics to write about:

Lifestyle blogs contain contents of everyday interests and activity. Lifestyle is the broader topic which revolves around subtopics like-
Travel, Fashion, Style, Routines, Food, Flashbacks, Reviews and etc.

Advantages of Blogging:

Blogging introduces a new world to explore new topics, new bloggers, new writing styles and many more. Similarly, blogging helps to express your personal voice through your writings.
Blogging provides a high exposure to billions of people using the internet and allows you to share your works with. It leaves a scope to identify flaws and correct them in order to improve.

Lifestyle Blogging brings in a way to gain more knowledge and to learn more about day to day life. It also helps in refining your writing skills leading eventually in scaling up your own way of writing and the quality of your content.

Daily blogging increases self-confidence and actually produces the urge to push yourself to create new content and to share your writings range world.

Get paid by working from home. Through lifestyle blogging, you can actually get paid through your contents and earn your living on the basis of your creativity.


According to the surveys it is observed that the approximate earning possibilities of beginner level bloggers range up to $2000 per year. The pay increases as your blogging level and traffic increases on your blog. An average or medium level blogger earn up to $4000 per year. And a pro level blogger can earn $8000 or more per year.

Earning Sources from Blogs:

Ad Networks like AdSense,, etc. are the common source of money on your blogs once you have moderate traffic on your posts. There are two types of Ads:
Cost per click ads which are usually banners that you need to place in your content or sidebars. Through these Ads, you get paid for each time a reader clicks on the ad.

Cost per 1000 impressions ads which are ads that pay a fixed amount on the basis of the number of people viewing the ad.

Director sponsored advertisements and paid reviews are another huge sources to hook up your posts for paid promotions.

Lifestyle Blogging as a career:

Through lifestyle blogging, it is an efficient way to earn money. It offers career options like Freelance writer, Public Relations Assistant, Blogger, Entertainment media and publicist specialist, social brand manager.

Although the earning completely depends on the quality, consistency and uniqueness of your writing. The more traffic you gain in your blogs the more money you earn through your blogs.

Lifestyle blogging is just a way to showcase your uniqueness. A wonderful career option to stand out and make a difference. And a creative way to earn living by working from the comforts of your home.


However, the media uploaded here is browsed and downloaded from Pinterest. So the credit goes to the respective creator.

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