Reasons for starting my Lifestyle blog.

The Answer to the “Why?”:

Blogging enables a person to reach the billions of people that use the internet. I myself started blogging for the same purpose. To reach out to as many people as possible to share my thoughts and express myself through my works.

I started blogging because writing is my dream job. Dream job is probably the main aim of every individual’s life. If not then it should be. Dreams are our heart’s desire and one must follow one’s heart.


I don’t really have any particular blogger but there are many bloggers out there in this platform and their contents that have brought me into blogging. Blogging is an amazing way to both explore and express. Through blogging, I can share my works with a billion people all around the world.

I started blogging on WordPress because I found this very relevant and easy to access. Also, I appreciate the supportive attention of my audience. The supportive audience interactions itself inspires me to post daily.

Advantages of Blogging:

As mentioned in Journey So Far #1 my past life situations were not the same as they are now. I always draw inspiration from my past experiences and my marital relationship. I have learnt many life lessons from my past mistakes which inspires me more to keep the spark of positivity that was once introduced in my life by my spouse himself.

Blogging for me is to create written content. Writing is probably the best thing and the best decision of my life other than choosing my life partner. It helps me to come out of my shell.

Blogging introduces a new world where I can explore new topics, new bloggers, new writing style and many more. Similarly, blogging helps me to express myself through my writings.

Blogging gives a huge scale of exposure to share my works. It leaves a scope to identify flaws and correct them in order to improve. As it helps in exploring, the exposure brings in a way to gain more knowledge and to learn more about writing and writing styles leading eventually in developing my own way of writing and the quality of my content.

Daily blogging again increases my self-confidence and actually produces the urge to push myself to create new content and to share my writings in the world.

My Blogging Style:

My main style of writing has been mentioned in my early post Type of Works.

Being a Blogger:

Lastly, being a blogger it is really very amazing to connect with people of the same mindset and thought process. Blogging is another way for me to refine my skills in writing. It helps me to promote my uniqueness and passion. Definitely, through blogging, I can stand out and make a difference.


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