My Dream Job

(PC- Atreyee)

Dream job is probably the main aim of every individual’s life. If not, then it should be. Dreams are our heart’s desire and one must listen to one’s heart.

My dream job is to become a renowned writer. The passion and the freedom of penning down my imagination into my works attract me the most to this career option.

I had a very bad experience of getting bullied and cheated on due to my skinny figure, my complexion and my comparatively deep voice. Also after suffering from various shocks and losing a very dear one, I got into depression and was a victim of unhealthy trends and habits.

These habits slowly spread its roots and were about to capture the whole of me into its grip. Those days were dark and hard times. I was not even in my true self. I pretended to be a completely opposite personality. All I had with me was the pillow that soaked my tears every night without complaining or calling me names.

At this point of time, when the situation was about to go out of my control, God (This is what I believe. I always believe that everything happens for a reason and it is perhaps decided by the almighty.) brought back in my life a long lost childhood friend of mine who took my responsibility and brought me back to my normal track. And slowly he became closer to me and we finally declared our relationship as an official couple.

It was because of him, I overcame my problem of inability to express myself. And that too by starting to write.

I was a reader but never did I thought of writing my own piece. And then writing became a hobby. The hobby became a passion. And passion became a career option, my dream job.

Obviously, I drew and I still draw inspirations from my past life, my struggles, my current situation, my feelings and of course my Spouse.

Why I have started Writing in the first place?

My answer will be very simple. I write for myself. It is my passion and my favourite work to stay busy with. My main focus while writing is to connect with the person (Which is you) who is reading my work. Being a writer I strongly believe that the power of the pen is always mightier. Thus it gives me another reason to spread my moto to each and every person who is reading my work. This another reason why I have started blogging.

My Motto:

My main motto is to spread positivity through my writings. I overcame my depressions and was fully able to discard my unhealthy habits through the gush of positivity that was brought in my life by my spouse and I want to do the same through my writings to give people the strong support of positivity who suffers from depression and lack of self-confidence. I want to show how positivity brings back a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Thoughts on Writing:

Writing is an art. It is about gaining new knowledge and learning. learning is a never-ending process. No one can ever fully master an art. And my journey of writing and exploring this field has just begun. I am eagerly waiting for more knowledge to gain in order to improve my writing skills. But I surely can track a few signs of progress as I compare my recent works and their ratings with my older works, I surely mark an improvement. The main key of mastering is to be open to every new knowledge that light up the way to success and improvement.

My Subject Selection to improve my Writing Skills:

I as a writer believe in following and analysing the previous writers and poets who once have ruled the kingdom of literature. I love to draw inspiration from their works by following their thoughts, style and tendencies. To be able to do so, in college I have chosen Honours in English literature as my degree course. It helps me to dig in the history and the evolution of English as a language. The course helps me to store vast knowledge in Literature.

Job interest:

Writing is still not my job as I don’t earn any money through writing. But I do earn likes, comments and appreciation from a various person on social media who read my works. But I am definitely looking forward to a writing job that will help me economically. My Writing Style is very positive. For content quality you can check out my blog posts as sample works.

Seeing people enjoying my writing is definitely a mindblowing reward. Becoming a writer is a unique way to be able to capture feelings through engraving words on blank pages. And again to spread positivity. After all, it is through writing a change, a revolution and a movement comes in life and leaves an everlasting effect on people’s mind. History is the evidence.


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