My Style of Writing.

Small Introduction:

My name is Atreyee Mukherjee. And I am a writer. You can always refer to my About to know more.

My interest in writing grew from a very young age but I lacked the positive vibe to push myself into writing and to share those writings. My Journey So Far #1 explains it all.

I have always encouraged new topics and styles. There was always a will from my side to learn more in my working field.

Blogging Style:

I am a lifestyle blogger. So my blogs will be based on lifestyles topics like Love, Relationship, Reviews and personal essays.

My main motto is to spread positivity. But I have another post of mine that answers Why I Started Blogging in a deliberate way.

Other than lifestyle blogging I am an aspiring poet. I produce quotes and poems. For that, you can follow me on Instagram.

Job Interests:

My Dream Job is writing. I have a huge interest in Freelance Writing. Writing articles for freelance is a profession option for me.

If you have any topics to write essays or articles on you can hit me up. As I have discussed my writing style my blog posts are my sample works that you can judge to verify my content quality.

In order to connect with me refer to the Contacts and use any of the other options there. Or just can hit me up in the comments.

Thank you so much for visiting my site.

Please visit often!


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